Solutions Fund

Peterson Solutions Fund is a nonpartisan 501(c)4 that engages in a range of initiatives to strengthen the current economic and democratic foundations of the United States, and build a brighter future for the next generation. We advocate for substantive, fact-based solutions and actions that improve the policymaking process, economy and everyday life of Americans. Through the Fund, we develop initiatives to stabilize America’s fiscal outlook, improve the performance of our healthcare system and strengthen the pillars of our democracy, to support a growing, thriving economy over the long term.

Issue Areas

To achieve our mission, our work focuses on three issue areas:


Our Issues

Fiscal Sustainability and Economic Growth

America’s unsustainable fiscal path threatens the economy and places a significant financial burden on the next generation. Peterson Solutions Fund advocates for pragmatic, effective policy solutions to strengthen our country’s long-term fiscal outlook. We partner with leading policy and advocacy organizations to build support across party lines and engage citizens and policymakers from a variety of perspectives on these critical challenges.

High-Performance Healthcare

America’s inefficient healthcare system worsens our fiscal outlook, undermines our economy and threatens our personal health and well-being. Peterson Solutions Fund works to advance innovative solutions to improve the performance and efficiency of the U.S. healthcare system. We work with policymakers and stakeholders across the healthcare sector and political spectrum to engage in initiatives to make affordable healthcare a reality for all Americans.

Effective Democracy

An effective and functioning democracy is critical to America’s economic success and leadership role in the world. Peterson Solutions Fund supports policy and advocacy efforts to encourage the essential exchange of ideas and expression of voting choices that is at the heart of American democracy. We work to help ensure accurate and transparent elections, improve access to unbiased information, and improve the climate for constructive and collaborative policymaking.