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Our Work

Fiscal Policy Work

Supporting Fiscal Solutions:

Peterson Solutions Fund is partnering with BPC Action to support a range of advocacy activities to prompt congressional action addressing our country’s fiscal challenges. BPC Action advocates for responsible fiscal solutions throughout the 118th Congress, with a focus on driving bipartisan negotiations and legislative action on substantive policy changes to reduce the deficit, reform the federal budget process and make progress toward long-term debt reduction.

Advancing Processes for Fiscal Sustainability:

Peterson Solutions Fund is partnering with the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget on its Fix the Debt Coalition to support legislative strategy development and advocacy for a bipartisan fiscal commission to improve long-term fiscal sustainability, and other policy reforms. Efforts focus on alternative statutory processes to reduce deficits, promote growth and achieve fiscal sustainability for critical federal programs.

High-Performance Healthcare Work

Advancing Health System Data Transparency:

Peterson Solutions Fund is partnering with Manatt Health to develop a coordinated advocacy strategy to advance health system data transparency at the federal and state levels. This project seeks to develop a comprehensive education, advocacy, and coalition-building strategy to drive bipartisan interest in healthcare data access, accountability and affordability into concrete policy action.

Effective Democracy Work

Reforming the Electoral Count Act:

In 2022, Peterson Solutions Fund made grants to two nonpartisan organizations, Issue One Action and United to Protect Democracy to bring attention in Congress to the urgency and importance of passing bipartisan reforms to the 1887 Electoral Count Act, the law that governs how Congress certifies presidential elections. The grants supported advocacy efforts to build and maintain support among policymakers for legislative action on bipartisan, targeted reforms to clarify and modernize the arcane and vague law, in order to better ensure an orderly transfer of power. In December 2022, after significant bipartisan, bicameral cooperation, Congress passed a set of critical reforms to the Electoral Count Act as part of an omnibus appropriations package. President Biden signed the bipartisan legislation into law on December 29, 2022.