Peterson Philanthropies Formed to Build Brighter Future for Next Generation

Establishes Network of Nonprofit, Nonpartisan Organizations to Stabilize America’s Fiscal Outlook, Improve Healthcare Efficiency and Strengthen Democracy

NEW YORK (May 25, 2023) — Today, Peterson Philanthropies has been formed to bring together the nonprofit, nonpartisan work of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, the Peterson Center on Healthcare and Peterson Solutions Fund to strengthen the current economic and democratic foundations of the United States, and build a brighter future for the next generation.

Peterson Philanthropies is a network encompassing the mission-driven work of its three organizations:

    • The Peter G. Peterson Foundation, founded in 2008 to raise awareness and accelerate action on America’s long-term fiscal challenges to improve our economic future;

    • The Peterson Center on Healthcare, founded in 2014 to make affordable healthcare a reality for all Americans by finding, validating and scaling solutions that deliver better health outcomes at lower cost; and

    • Peterson Solutions Fund, founded in 2022 as a 501(c)4 to support a range of policy advocacy activities to stabilize America’s fiscal outlook, improve the performance of our healthcare system and strengthen the pillars of our democracy.

“Peterson Philanthropies works to identify and accelerate pragmatic solutions to America’s most pressing challenges based on common sense and common ground,” said Michael Peterson, Chief Executive Officer of Peterson Philanthropies. “Across our history, America’s strength and role in the world has rested on the ideal of leaving the next generation better off. In order to enable a positive future for our own children and grandchildren, we must focus urgently on the challenges of achieving fiscal sustainability, improving healthcare efficiency, and preserving a healthy and effective democracy for America. Across our organizations, our nonpartisan, substantive approach aims to enrich the national conversation on these key priorities, enabling collaborative and effective policymaking that supports economic growth and broad-based prosperity over the long term.”

Core issue areas of Peterson Philanthropies:

Fiscal Sustainability and Economic Growth. Peterson Philanthropies works with leading policy experts, elected officials, and the public to build support to put America on a sustainable fiscal path.  We seek and advocate for pragmatic solutions across party lines to strengthen our nation’s fiscal foundation over the long term and promote a growing, thriving economy.

High-Performance Healthcare. The U.S. healthcare system is the most expensive in the world, yet our health outcomes areworse than many other nations. Peterson Philanthropies works to transform U.S. healthcare into a high-performance system by finding innovative solutions that improve quality and lower costs, and accelerating their adoption on a national scale.

Effective Democracy. Since America’s founding nearly 250 years ago, democracy has been at the heart of our societal progress, economic strength and leading role in the world. Peterson Philanthropies engages in a range of nonpartisan efforts to support a healthy, functioning democracy in the United States. Through grants and other projects, our work supports secure, accurate and transparent election administration, improved access to unbiased, fact-based information, and more constructive and productive policymaking.

Across the work of Peterson Philanthropies, our approach includes the following programmatic activities:

    • Research & Analysis: We partner with a range of policy organizations from across the political spectrum to analyze and develop policy solutions and improve understanding and the overall policymaking process in our issue areas.

    • Education & Awareness: We execute and fund initiatives that increase awareness and mobilize informed citizens and young people to drive a thoughtful national dialogue around our issues. We provide platforms and shared spaces for leading thinkers and policymakers to have constructive, substantive discussions.

    • Grants & Partnerships: We support aligned partners developing and executing on a range of innovative engagement, education and advocacy initiatives focused on the key goals of our missions.

    • Advocacy: We support policymaking efforts across the political spectrum in our issue areas to develop and advance common sense solutions to America’s most pressing national challenges.